Endowed Scholarship Recipients

2016-2017 Student-Athlete Recipients

The following student-athletes have been chosen as the recipients of our athletics endowed scholarships. They were chosen based on the criteria specified within the endowed scholarship agreement outlined by the donors in accordance with the Kent State University Foundation, Inc., the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, and NCAA and Mid-American Conference regulations.

Kent State Athletics continues to be thankful for the dedication and support provided by our endowed scholarship donors.

All Sports

Arthur Family Endowed Athletic Scholarship - Heather Younkin, Volleyball

Martha E. Boyle Athletic Scholarship Endowment - Eli Krauss, Baseball

Karl G. Chesnutt Endowed Athletic Scholarship - Karli Paracca, Soccer

James S. Crisp Endowed Athletic Scholarship - Walt Petzel, Men's Track and Field

Robert C. Dix Athletic Scholarship (female recipient) - Drew Norberg, Volleyball

Robert C. Dix Athletic Scholarship (male recipient) - Brandon Avers, Men's Track and Field

Lou Holtz Scholarship Endowment - Kelsey Bittinger, Volleyball

The Joy Scholarship for Athletics - Will Matthews, Football

Doyle Shumaker Varsity "K" Endowed Scholarship - Casey Sparkman, Wrestling

Tony and Suzie Lee Thomas Endowed Athletic Scholarship - Nicholas Schank, Men's Track and Field


Gary Branden Baseball Scholarship - Mason Mammarella

Jim and Lorie Coll Endowed Baseball Scholarship - John Matthews

Sam J. Crea Baseball Endowment - Zach Willeman

Lewandowski Baseball Endowed Scholarship - Dylan Rosa

Olga A. Mural Endowed Baseball Scholarship - Joe Murray

Bill and Pat Reppa Baseball Scholarship - Zach Schultz

Chet Williams Baseball Endowment - Tim Dalporto

Ty Youngen Memorial Baseball Scholarship - Luke Burch

Men's Basketball

Men's Basketball Summer Semester Scholarship Endowment - Alonzo Walker

Friends of Bill Bertka Men's Scholarship Endowment - Danny Pippen

Howard and Barbara Fleischmann Endowed Athletic Scholarship - Kevin Zabo

Legacy Athletic Endowed Scholarship - Jalen Avery

David R. Renninger Endowed Scholarship for Men's Basketball - Mitch Peterson

Walter Sage Athletic Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Dion Edwin

Robert G. Miller and Lora Jean Weidleman Men's Basketball Scholarship - Rosel Hurley

Women's Basketball

James P. Louis Women's Basketball Endowed Scholarship - Naddiyah Cross

Tucker Women's Basketball Endowed Scholarship - Zenobia Bess

Field Hockey

The Adam S. Hamilton Athletic Scholarship - Krysti Lober


Lane Family Football Scholarship - Conor Shinsky

F. Paul and Anna Benson Mastriana Endowed Football Scholarship - Stafano Millin

Friends of Frank Mancini Football Scholarship - Demetrius Monday

Trevor J. Rees Football Endowment - Kris White

Read Athletic Endowed Scholarship - Kevin Bourne

Rogers Endowed Football Scholarship - Adam Gregoire

Jim and Carrie Urda Endowed Football Scholarship - Nick Holley

Men's Golf

Arthur Golf Endowed Scholarship - Ian Holt

Howard Cassell Golf Scholarship - Nick Montes

Steven and Patricia Cress Men's Golf Endowed Scholarship - Chase Johnson

Ben and Candace Curtis Endowed Golf Scholarship - Chris Doody

Dr. Douglas Hanzel Men's Golf Endowed Scholarship - Chase Parker and Chris Doody

Yank Heisler Endowment for the Men's Golf Program - Chase Johnson

Herb Kane Men's Golf Endowed Scholarship - Chase Parker

R. Geoffrey Meeker Golf Endowment - Josh Whalen

Chuck and Judy Messina Men's Golf Scholarship Endowment - Tyler McHugh

Herb Page and Paula Treckel Golf Scholarship Endowment - Gisli Sveinbergsson

Dennis Rango Men's Golf Endowed Scholarship - Gisli Sveinbergsson

Richard Rango Men's Golf Endowed Scholarship - Bjarki Petursson

Doug and Bertha Sims Golf Scholarship - Ian Holt

Louis A. Telerico Men's Golf Endowed Scholarship - Spencer Dobbs

Women's Golf

Tom and Trudy Crawford Women's Golf Endowment - Marissa Kirkwood

Friends of Women's Golf Endowed Scholarship - Michaela Finn


Michael D. Aquino Gymnastics Scholarship - Kennedy Plude

Janet H. Bachna Memorial Endowment - Brook Timko

Sarah Positano Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Dara Williams


Coach Mike Drake Memorial Athletic Endowed Scholarship - Abbie Lawson

Track and Field/Cross Country

Doug Raymond Memorial Track & Field Endowed Scholarship - Ryan Looser


Garret and Michele Ferrara Endowed Volleyball Scholarship - Challen Geraghty


Matthew A. Flower Endowed Wrestling Scholarship - Chance Driscoll

Jerry Petrofes Memorial Wrestling Endowment - Drew Dickson

Bruno Santone Wrestling Scholarship - Stephan Suglio

Art Steiskal Memorial Scholarship Endowment - Devin Nye

Sport: Soccer
Major: Business Management

Anticipated Graduation: 2014
Hometown: Ajax, Ontario, Canada

"I have learned that success does not come overnight, you need to work hard at every position you are in, and eventually success will follow. Another thing I have learned is that you need to be able to give back. There have been so many people that have taken the time to help me in my journey, and that is not something they had to do, but they did it anyways."