Athletic Scholarship Endowments

Major gifts and endowed scholarships play an important role in supporting Kent State University student-athletes in the classroom as well as on the playing field. Gifts to create endowments for Golden Flash athletes are put into an account in the Kent State University Foundation, and the principal funds are never spent. Only the interest income is used annually to fund the scholarships on operational needs or a particular sport of the donor's choice.

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Endowment Opportunities

Named endowment opportunities begin at $25,000, and payment terms are flexible. Endowed funds and scholarships allow Kent State to continue offering educational opportunities to the best student-athletes and provides the margin of excellence for all eighteen intercollegiate teams at Kent State. Gifts to the Flash Endowment Fund are put into an endowment account at the Kent State University Foundation, and the principal funds are never spent. Only the interest income is used annually to fund the scholarship or sport of the donor's choice.

Named endowment and scholarship donors receive special lifetime privileges as well as special recognition and appreciation plaques. Endowments and scholarships can be established by a variety of methods including cash gifts, life insurance, stocks, property, estate plans or other assets that are convertible to cash. For more information about your gift options you may visit our Center for Gift and Estate Planning.

Our goal is to endow all of our scholarships and to make the athletic program totally self-sufficient.

For more information on endowments and capital projects contact Matthew Geis, Senior Associate Athletic Director, Executive Director Athletic Advancement at (330) 672-2093.


Endowment Donors

The following individuals have expressed their commitment to Kent State Athletics through a major gift to create a named endowment.

  • Mr. James and Mrs. Nancy Arthur, Walter Sage Athletic Endowment
  • Mr. James and Mrs. Nancy Arthur, Arthur Family Endowed Athletic Scholarship
  • Mr. William J. Asbury, William J. and Ida B. Asbury Athletic Scholarship
  • The Athletic Scholarship Endowment
  • Mr. Michael D. Aquino, Michael D. Aquino Gymnastics Scholarship
  • Mr. Rudolph and Mrs. Lynn Bachna, Janet H. Bachna Memorial Endowment
  • Men's Basketball Summer Semester Scholarship Endowment
  • In Memory Of, The Shannon Beck Memorial Field Hockey Scholarship
  • Mr. Thomas R. Becker, Thomas R. Becker Football Scholarship
  • Ms. Debra Berry, The Debra Berry Dream Makers Scholarship Honoring Kelvin Berry and Coach Darrell Hazell
  • Ms. Debra Berry, Kent State Athletics Scholarship Endowment
  • Dr. Fay R. and Mr. Bedford Biles, The Dr. Fay R. Biles Field Hockey Scholarship Endowment
  • Dr. Fay R. and Mr. Bedford Biles, The Dr. Fay R. Biles Football Scholarship Endowment
  • In Honor Of, Friends of Bill Bertka Scholarship
  • Ms. Martha E. Boyle*, The Martha E. Boyle Athletic Scholarship Endowment
  • Mr. Brenny Brenneman, The Brenny and Natalie Brenneman Scholarship
  • Mr. Donald and Mrs. Paula Brown, The Donald C. and Paula M. Brown Athletic Endowment
  • Mr. Pete Burg*, The Legacy Athletic Endowed Scholarship
  • Drs. Carol A. and G. Phillip Cartwright, The Legacy Athletic Endowed Scholarship
  • Mr. Mike Cassell, Howard Cassell Golf Scholarship
  • Mr. Karl* and Mrs. Rosalie* Chesnutt, Karl G. Chesnutt Athletic Scholarship
  • Mrs. Lorie Coll*, Jim and Lorie Coll Endowed Baseball Scholarship
  • Mr. Doug and Mrs. Kay Cooper, Douglas Cooper Golf Scholarship
  • Mrs. Gertrude Crawford*, Tom & Trudy Crawford Women's Golf Scholarship
  • Mr. Anthony Crea, Sam J. Crea Baseball Endowment
  • Mr. Steven and Mrs. Patricia* Cress, Steven and Patricia Cress Men's Golf Endowed Scholarship
  • Mrs. Patricia Crisp*, James S. Crisp Athletic Scholarship
  • Mr. Ben and Mrs. Candice Curtis, Ben & Candice Curtis Endowed Golf Scholarship
  • Mr. John Daley and Ms. Diane Francis, John Daley and Diane Francis Men's Basketball Endowed Scholarship
  • Mr. Jim DeVincentis, "Big Ann" DeVincentis Football Fund
  • Ms. Judy Devine, Judith K. Devine Athletic Academic Honors Dinner Endowment
  • Mrs. Helen Dix, Robert C. Dix Athletic Scholarship
  • Ms. Patricia Drake, Coach Mike Drake Memorial Athletic Endowed Scholarship
  • Mr. William Drypolcher, William Drypolcher Wrestling Endowment
  • Mr. Michael J. Ewers, Ewers-Johnson Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Celeste Janello
  • Mr. John* and Mrs. Joyce Farrell, Athletic Academic Resource Center Endowment
  • Mr. John* and Mrs. Joyce Farrell, Athletic Director's Discretionary Endowment
  • Mr. Garret and Mrs. Michele Ferrara, Garret and Michele Ferrara Endowed Volleyball Scholarship
  • Mr. Howard and Mrs. Barbara Fleischmann, Howard and Barbara Fleischmann Athletic Scholarship Endowment
  • Mr. Donald* and Mrs. Marilyn Flower, Donald Matthew and Marilyn Seifert Flower Men's Basketball Endowment
  • Mr. Donald* and Mrs. Marilyn Flower, Matthew A. Flower Wrestling Scholarship
  • Mr. William D. Foreman, William D. Foreman Endowed Athletic Scholarship
  • The Golden Flash General Endowment Fund
  • Mr. Blanford Fuller*, Blanford Fuller Golf Scholarship
  • Friends of Women's Golf Scholarship Endowment
  • Varsity Golf Alumni & Friends of Golf Endowed Scholarship
  • John Scott and Connie Hamilton, The Adam S. Hamilton Athletic Scholarship
  • Dr. Doug Hanzel, Dr. Douglas Hanzel Men's Golf Scholarship
  • Mr. Yank Heisler, The Yank Heisler Endowment for Men's Golf Program
  • Ms. Cindy Hendricks, Dave and Cindy Hendricks Golf Endowment
  • Mr. Lou Holtz, Lou Holtz Founders Scholarship
  • Mr. Pete Holway, Peter Holway Academic Athletic Scholarship
  • Mr. and Mrs. Huber, Joan K. Huber Endowed Volleyball Scholarship
  • Mr. Matthew C. Johnson, Ewers-Johnson Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Celeste Janello
  • Mr. Dave and Mrs. Sherry Joy, The Dave and Sherry Joy Endowed Scholarship for Athletics
  • Mr. Herb* and Mrs. Joyce Kane, Herb Kane Men's Golf Endowed Scholarship
  • Kent State Athletics All-Sports Endowment
  • Mr. Randall Keller, The Randall J. Keller Scholarship Endowment for Wrestling
  • Mr. Laing and Saundra Kennedy, The Legacy Athletic Endowed Scholarship
  • Mr. Marsh and Judith* Lane, Lane Family Football Scholarship
  • Mr. Nobby Lewandowski, Lewandowski Baseball Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. James Louis, James P. Louis Women's Basketball Endowment
  • In Honor Of, Friends of Frank Mancini Football Scholarship
  • Mr. F. Paul and Mrs. Anna Mastriana, F. Paul and Anna (Benson) Mastriana Endowed Football Scholarship
  • Mr. John and Mrs. Sarah McKay, John F. McKay Basketball Scholarship
  • Mr. Carl* and Mrs. Janice Meeker, R. Geoffrey Meeker Men's Golf Endowment
  • Mr. Robert and Mrs. Barbara Meeker, Robert R. and Barbara A. Meeker Golf Endowment
  • Mr. Stephen Milkovich, The Steve Milkovich Athletic Scholarship Endowment
  • Mr. Mel Mellis and Dr. Susan Murphy*, The Legacy Athletic Endowed Scholarship
  • Mr. Chuck and Mrs. Judy Messina, Chuck and Judy Messina Men's Golf Scholarship Endowment
  • Mr. Robert Miller* and Mrs. Lora Jean Weidleman, Robert G. Miller and Lora Jean Weidleman Men's Basketball Scholarship
  • Mr. Donald and Mrs. Lucille Moore, Donald and Lucille Moore Endowed Scholarship for Women's Basketball
  • Mrs. Olga A. Mural*, Olga A. Mural Baseball Scholarship
  • Friends of Golf, The Herb Page Honorary Endowment
  • Mr. Herb Page and Dr. Paula Treckel, Herb Page and Paula Treckel Golf Scholarship Endowment
  • Mr. Richard Paskert*, The Moose Paskert Pictorial Endowment
  • Mrs. Jaci Owens & Mr. Gary Perkins, Isaac Newton Perkins Endowed Athletic Scholarship
  • Mrs. Kathleen Petrofes, Jerry Petrofes Memorial Wrestling Endowment
  • In Memory Of, The Sara Positano Memorial Scholarship
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Mike Prevosnik, Paul, Patricia and Mike Prevosnik Athletic Scholarship
  • Mr. Joseph "Spooky" Price*, Hall of Fame Endowment
  • Mr. Joseph "Spooky" Price*, The Legacy Athletic Endowed Scholarship
  • Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Debbie Rango, Dennis E. Rango Men's Golf Endowed Scholarship
  • Mr. Richard and Mrs. Jill Rango, Richard C. Rango Men's Golf Endowed Scholarship
  • In Memory Of, Doug Raymond Track & Field Scholarship Endowment
  • Dr. Gerald* and Mrs. Victoria* Read, Read Athletic Scholarship
  • Mrs. Edith Louise Rees and Family, Trevor J. Rees Football Endowment
  • Mr. David Renninger, David R. Renninger Endowed Athletic Scholarship
  • Mr. William and Mrs. Patricia Reppa, Bill and Pat Reppa Baseball Scholarship
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rogers, Lawrence D. and Angeline A. Rogers Endowed Football Scholarship
  • Mrs. Patricia Rooney, Pat Garrett Rooney Women's Field Hockey Scholarship Endowment
  • Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Lois Rose, Stanley C. and Lois A. Rose Athletic Scholarship Endowment
  • Mr. Bruno Santone*, The Bruno G. Santone Wrestling Endowment
  • Mrs. Ann and Mr. Dave Sartin, Ann and Dave Sartin Endowed Scholarship in Education
  • Ms. Carole Schuller, Don and Carole Schuller Baseball Endowment
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Sheron, Richard Sheron Endowed Baseball Scholarship
  • Mr. Doyle Shumaker*, Doyle Shumaker Varsity "K" Scholarship
  • Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Bertha Sims, Doug and Bertha Sims Golf Scholarship
  • Mr. Leo and Mrs. Betty Schneider*, Nancy Schneider Sorboro Athletic Scholarship
  • Mr. Lou and Mrs. Nancy Sorboro, Sorboro Athletic Endowment
  • Mr. Buzz and Mrs. Marilyn Starner, Starner Distinguished Speaker Series Endowment
  • Mr. Art* and Mrs. Mildred* Steiskal, Art Steiskal Scholarship Endowment
  • Mr. Louis Telerico, Louis A. Telerico Men's Golf Endowed Scholarship
  • Mr. Anthony* Thomas and Mrs. Suzie Lee Gardner, Tony and Suzie Lee Thomas Endowed Athletic Scholarship
  • Mr. John and Dr. Annette Tucker, Tucker Women's Basketball Scholarship
  • Mr. James and Mrs. Carrie Urda, Jim and Carrie Urda Endowed Football Scholarship
  • Mr. Todd and Mrs. Karolanne Wenning, Todd and Karolanne Wenning Track and Field Endowment in Memory of Kathy Wenning Norman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Don Wiley/Mr. and Mrs. Bill Snyder, The Wiley/Snyder Family Men's Basketball Scholarship Endowment
  • Mr. Chester and Mrs. Mikelann Williams, Williams Baseball Scholarship
  • Dr. Lois J. Youngen, Dr. Lois J. Youngen Women's Softball Scholarship
  • Dr. Lois J. Youngen, The Ty Youngen Memorial Baseball Scholarship


          * Deceased

Sport: Track & Field
Major: Criminal Justice

Anticipated Graduation: 2015
Hometown: Trenton, New Jersey

"As a Kent State student-athlete, I've had numerous opportunities to network with a wide variety of people. I've also gained many of the necessary skills needed to succeed in a professional setting, including learning how to handle both praise and criticism."