Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How do I receive benefits through The Golden Flashes Club?

A- Annual gifts to The Golden Flashes Club qualify you for recognition through this club with benefits. Any gift towards supporting athletic scholarships (specific sport or endowment scholarships) qualifies you for benefits.

Q- Does my payment to participate in events such as golf outings qualify me for The Golden Flashes Club Benefits?

A- No. The goal of The Golden Flashes Club is to directly support student-athlete scholarships and help us close the gap on our $6.1 million annual scholarship bill. Payments towards attending special events do not go towards helping to close the scholarship gap. 

Q- Do I need to give a certain time of year to receive full benefits?

A-The Golden Flashes Club is switching to a calendar year of giving (January 1- December 31). Your donation is valid during the calendar year you make your donation. For example: If a donor makes a gift in January, he or she will receive their full benefit package from January through December enabling them to reap their benefits for the full calendar year. 

Q- If I make a gift to a particular sport, does that contribution count as a gift to The Golden Flashes Club?

A- Yes. That gift will count as long as it is to that specific sports scholarships.

Q- If I make a new gift to an endowment fund in Intercollegiate Athletics, does that gift count as a contribution to The Golden Flashes Club?

A-Yes. But the gift has to be towards an endowment that supports a scholarship in order to receive the benefits.

Q- Do matching gifts count as part of my total giving to The Golden Flashes Club?

A-Yes. You will receive credit for all matching gifts attributed to you. Please be aware that match amounts are not tax deductible. Please visit to see if your employer offers this benefit.

Q- Are my gifts to The Golden Flashes Club tax deductible?

A- All contributions to the Club are considered gifts to Kent State University. Most gifts are fully tax deductible minus the value of any benefits received as a result of the gift. Please consult your tax advisor.