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Kent State University Alma Mater Lyrics

E. Turner Stump wrote the lyrics, with music by Dwight Steere. The alma mater was first published in the Kent songbook in 1931.

Verse 1
From the beauty land Ohio comes a universal praise, 'Tis the song of Alma Mater that her sons and daughters raise. 'Tis a Hail to Kent forever, on the Cuyahoga shore, Now we join the loving thousands as they sing it o'er and o'er. Hail to Thee, our Alma Mater. O, how beautiful Thou art, High enthroned upon the hilltop, Reigning over every heart.

Verse 2
From the hilltop Alma Mater gazing on her portals wide, Sees the coming generations as they throng to seek her side, Seek her side to win her blessing, throng her gates to bear her name, Leave her gates to sing her praises go afar to spread her fame. Hail to Thee, our Alma Mater. O, how young and strong thou art, Planning for the glorious future, Firm enthroned in every heart.

Kent State University Fight Song

Fight on for KSU! Fight for the Blue and Gold! We're out to beat the foe; fight on brave and bold! Fight on for victory, don't stop until we're through, We're all together, let's go forward, KSU!

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