Varsity "K" Membership Criteria

All former Kent State University student-athletes who participated in their sport(s) for at least one year while at KSU, as well as all Honorary Varsity "K" members qualify.

If you are a former cheerleader, marching band member, student manager or trainer, you also qualify provided you have served the KSU Athletic Department for at least one year.

In addition to the annual Hall of Fame Induction and All Sports Reunion, several sport-specific reunion activities engage Varsity "K" members throughout the year. For more information on upcoming events visit the event calendar.


Sport: Soccer
Major: Business Management

Anticipated Graduation: 2014
Hometown: Ajax, Ontario, Canada

"I have learned that success does not come overnight, you need to work hard at every position you are in, and eventually success will follow. Another thing I have learned is that you need to be able to give back. There have been so many people that have taken the time to help me in my journey, and that is not something they had to do, but they did it anyways."